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The Tragedy of Truth





Hey guys, more updates concerning Steven.

First off, the petition for a more competent handling of kidnapping cases in the future is finally up and running.  I would really, really appreciate it if you guys could sign it.  We want to give this as much attention as possible.  You don't even have to attach a message to your signature if you don't want to, it would just mean a lot to me if you signed at all.

Sign it HERE!

Family and friends are still fighting against any claims of suicide, and from what I understand, a private investigator is also now involved.  We've also found out some new disturbing information; such as the fact that Steven had told his dad sometime in advance that he was going to meet some people at the place where he was ultimately found... meaning he was lured there, and probably by someone he trusted.  Additionally, while whoever did this didn't bother to take his wallet, they did snag all of the legal documents he had with him.  What's worse is that they might have even stolen important papers right from his house.  His Birth Certificate, as well as other things, weren't where he usually kept them.

I just really want us to get to the bottom of this and for those who commited this atrocity to be brought to justice.  I'm going to keep hoping and praying that happens.

On a separate but related note... I'm not angry at you guys.  I know that you probably didn't mean anything by it and haven't meant to hurt me in anyway.  But I'd really appreciate not being told that I "seem to be handling this well."  Those words feel like barbs to me.  They imply a lot of assumptions about the emotional impact this has made on me and my resulting emotional health that just isn't... I'm sorry, I can't appreciate that kind of wording.  It's easy to find the right words when you're writing on a keyboard instead of facing a real person.  It's easy talking about dumb, normal routine things like the games I'm playing or getting lost in the comforting normalcy of drawing characters doing whatever they have to.  But these are all actions, reflexes, and they're not a direct reflection on how I'm feeling internally.

This is going to haunt me for a long time.  There are moments when the realization of what has happened just, hits me all over again.  There are moments when if I'm alone in a quiet space for too long I start thinking about a lot of things that I really don't want to.  I've managed to maintain a pretty good grasp on how I interact with the people around me, but that doesn't mean I'm "okay."  Sometimes I am.  Sometimes I do feel a little better, but it's a back-and-forth between that and the grief we're still dealing with as well as the frustration over how sloppily this whole thing has been handled until the private investigator came into the picture.  Just, please bear with me.  I'm not fully myself yet, and I don't know when I will be.


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Hey guys! It's Sky. This account was created to be used strictly for community-based artwork. This entails anything from roleplay group characters, to fan characters, to any artwork at all that was intended to be submitted to groups (which normally means generalized group art or fan art made for fun.)

None of my "true" OCs will be found here, but if you were hoping to continue following my more sociable characters then this is the place for you. Enjoy your stay.

Planned Crud

:bulletblue:Polish Alyshia's history
:bulletblue:Draw NPCs for Mohave Pack
:bulletblue:Idk... stuff...

If I had to draw one legendary pokemon from each generation (excluding 7th gen) who would you want? 

3 deviants said Probably won't be getting around to this for a while, but doodling and writing little things here and there has been helping take my mind off things.


when you just want to catch all the colors minior can be found in and they keep exploding themselves to death
So... had anyone else been reminded of IB when going through Team Skull's mansion?  With the music?

Spooky haunted gallery?

Roses tied to your soul...?

The Captain Planet theme song is stuck in my head now and I don't know what I did to deserve this.
This video made me crack up.  I love how the "player" character kinda looks like Skykie xD

On the topic of Valentine's Day and romance and all that, I think I've only ever had two RP group characters manage to step up and make a coherent confession.

One was my old snow-cheetah that some of you might still remember.  

:iconinthedappledrain: can testify to it having been the most mutually painful and awkward experience ever for both parties involved. (for them at least.  We were simply delighted.)

The other was my D&D necromancer.

The Joys of Character Creation by The-Skykian-Archives

... And I had to get him drunk.

Turns out he's apparently a really charming guy even when he's drunk.  So things worked out in his favor.  I guess.

At least he didn't summon any skeletons to provide background music in the process.


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